Global Law Company litigation practice includes all aspects of business litigation. We regularly represent our clients in administrative proceedings, trial and appellate courts throughout the country, as well as in arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution forums. Global Law Company network of offices allows us to provide clients with a cost-effective and coordinated strategy in matters involving multiple jurisdictions.

Global Law Company Litigation Department recognizes that business litigation has become increasingly more complex and expensive. To meet our clients’ needs and expectations, we have organized several groups with specialized areas of concentration. These groups promote experience and creativity while helping to control costs.

Before High Court & Supreme Court regarding Tax, Commercial disputes, Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation, Construction, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Employment Disputes, Utilities, Securities, Intellectual Property, Civil Litigation, Communication Laws, Debt Collection, Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, Environmental Law, Media Law and Negligence & Damages.

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